Accelerating towards the Cloud: Symantec on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Six months ago, Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) was made available for purchase on Amazon Web Services (AWS)Workspaces (, a managed desktop computing service in the cloud that allows customers to provision desktops to end-users. Today, Symantec has 7 listings on AWS Marketplace – enterprise public cloud computing platform offering Infrastructure as a Service  (IaaS).  Symantec products listed include SEP, Control Compliance Suite (CCS) and Symantec Protection Engine (SPE).   (Check out Symantec on AWS MarketPlace). AWS Marketplace allows organizations to quickly spin up IaaS environments as needed. Simply- select either on hourly/annual basis or with existing subscriptions on AWS (BYOL).

SEP on AWS.png

With SEP, as a leader in threat protection and cybersecurity, our mission is to continue to secure our customers anytime, anywhere- no matter your endpoints are on premise or in the cloud. Unrivaled Security, Blazing Performance, and Smart Management come with your SEP on AWS. The Insight™ reputation-based detection and SONAR™ behavioral monitoring with machine-learning heuristics are activated by default. Hence, your virtual endpoints on AWS are well protected against ransomware, mutating malware, targeted attacks, and other advanced threats.

Control Compliance Suite (CCS) delivers business-aware security and risk visibility so that you can effectively align priorities across security, IT operations, and compliance. It automates continuous assessments and provides a unified view of security controls and vulnerabilities. With CCS, you are able to harden the data center, prioritize security remediation, enable the secure migration to the software-defined data center, and support continuous assessments for Cyber Security and Continuous Monitoring.

Protection Engine (SPE) is telco grade client/server application that provides industry-leading malware protection for fast, scalable, and reliable content scanning services so that organizations can protect their data and storage systems against the ever growing malware threat landscape.

Symantec understands the distinct requirements for security in public cloud and thus accelerates the alliance with AWS to provide our customers with both business agility and cost efficiency. Organizations can confidently migrate legacy applications, deploy new cloud-native applications and services, and burst services on-demand to augment on premise requirements with AWS. You can expect to see more Symantec products available in multiple offerings across various cloud service platforms in the near feature. Below is a list of Symantec products that can help secure your AWS WorkSpace and can be purchasable on AWS MarketPlace.


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