VIP Access for Apple Watch is now available!

Now you can experience the ultimate in convenience and security with Symantec™ VIP Access for Apple Watch, turning your watch into your next generation mobile token.  VIP takes advantage of all the features of the Apple Watch including the easy to read display and the haptic technology for VIP Push notifications (alerts).  VIP is used not only for securing access to your corporate network or applications, but also at many VIP member sites.

What are some of ways to use VIP Access for Apple Watch?

Apple Watch as Your Mobile Token:

In this release of VIP Access you can generate a one-time use 6-digit security codes on your watch, and adopt the code as the second factor to access sensitive networks and applications. Or you can enable Push Notifications and secure access with just one simple tap on your screen.  Push notifications are not only a more convenient option, but also highly secure.

 [6-digit Security Code]                              [One-tap Push Notification]

Watch_6 digit code_1.png                       Watch_sign in request _3_0_0.pngWatch_approval_1.png

Transaction Verification:

VIP Access Push is an excellent choice for institutions that have enabled transaction verification.  After performing an online transaction, VIP will send a Push notification to your watch with the amount of the transaction.  Since the Apple Watch is always at the ready, it’s a simple matter to tap the screen and approve or deny the transaction.  With VIP your Apple Watch becomes a great tool to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks for online transactions.

[Transaction Verification – Push Notification]


How Do You Get It?

Search “VIP Access” on the Apple App Store and download it to the iPhone your Apple Watch is paired with. To make it even better, it’s FREE!


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