Here at Mikrotec's Contact Center we use RT Trouble Ticket Helpdesk & Knowledgebase Systems which allow our representatives to promptly and precisely answer your customer's email. Our ticketing system based Email Answering Services helps us to keep track of the series of follow-up correspondence. 
Our Knowledge-base system allows speedy, precise, personalized & guidelines based answers to customers emails.

Customer support outsourcing, for Email Support, has gained a lot of acceptance in the past decade. With mass increase in the embracement of internet as a setting for transacting business, it has become necessary to ensure swift and accurate email answers to retain customers and ensure repeat demand.

Some of the services offered via email response management are:

  • Product enquiries
  • Order taking
  • Documentations & payment queries
  • Troubleshooting for products and services
  • Complaint registrations
  • Guiding customers in collecting information
  • Product / Service information requests
  • Polling / Media analysis