With the outbreak of companies show-casing their products and services on the Internet, there are now various ways in which an Outsourced Customer Contact Center can aid the web visitors with LIVE customer service. We encourage our clients to open all sources of customer communication to make the most of your web existence. Outsourced Contact Centers offer a different advantage of adding additional customer contact approaches without adding cost and labors.

Live Chat Support creates another opportunity for assistance to your customers in a environment that perhaps is more comfortable to them. When a web visitor seeks help, a reactive text chat session is initiated by clicking on a link. The customer support representative interacts with the web visitor, accepts the measures, resolves the query and closes the interaction. Alternatively, based on the conditions and on predefined criterion the customer support representative could also prompt a proactive chat session with the web visitor.

Both these methods ensure that the every prospect visiting your website gets help and support which puts you ahead of the competition.

Power tools like Page Pushing, Web Linking, Canned Responses, and Social Media portals helps the customer support representative to deliver precise answers to the web visitors and helps promote your products and services.

Outsourcing to Mikrotec Contact Center's live chat service offers you a number of benefits due to the immediacy of the communication and the competency of well-trained agents to react to distinct situations. Outsourcing to Mikrotec offers live chat support services to amplify your web site and empower your web based customer communication.

Customer support representatives can help

  • Web visitors locate the desired product or service information within your website
  • Understand the visitors needs and quickly suggest the applicable choices.
  • Convey complementing products and services to those already ordered.
  • Finish a customer's incomplete order
  • Assist in completing credit card transactions
  • Provide a dependable source of first-hand facts about your products and services.