Mikrotec can connect to and control your customer’s machines to remotely diagnose support issues.
Simple and Effective


The easiest way to connect to your customers
Supporting customers can be a frustrating process without the right tools. Mikrotec lets you easily connect to your customers powered by Simplehelp software. Our technicians see what they see, and can take control to fix their issues. It is flexible too: customers can connect via your web site, or by running a standalone application. Remote support, coupled with remote access and presentation functionality allows you to support, connect and share as effectively as possible.


File transfer, chat, persistent connections, and diagnostics included
We know how important it is to support your customer’s quickly. That’s why we’ve included advanced support tools to let our representatives get the job done. Chatting directly to your customers, transferring and mirroring files between computers, monitoring vital system metrics, identifying and terminating virus and spam processes and remotely executing commands. If even more control is needed, installation of an always on persistent connection from within the support session can be done. Now the technician can remotely reboot and reconnect to the target machine when required.

Remote Support, Connect and Chat
Using Mikrotec's Remote Support powered by SimpleHelp to initiate an on demand remote support session with a customer. Technicians can see how customers easily enter the support queue looking for assistance, and how support technicians connect to and chat with customers.


Comprehensive encryption ensures your customer’s security
Mikrotec's Simplehelp software solution is at the forefront of security for remote support. Every session is always secure from start to finish, including chat, mouse and key input, screen transfers and file transfers. The default 448-bit symmetric key encryption provides a significant security leap over traditional 128-bit or 256-bit encryption.


Support customers and technicians running all major operating systems and browsers. 
Mikrotec's Remote Software supports all major platforms, including Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Your customers can initiate sessions from within their browser, or by downloading a small standalone application. Technician support includes Windows, Mac OS and Linux, and mobile support for iOS, Android, WebOS and any other browser-based device.